Welcome to my Blog! 

I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list.” -Susan Sontag

Traveling around the world you make memories that last for a lifetime, experience new cultures, new landscapes and simply a new life. You get inspired and maybe even find out who you want to be.
Life is a journey and it is up to us to live it to the fullest and have no regrets.

Since I was little, I planned on traveling the world - it was no question to me. I did not want to live in Germany all my life or just see one place. I believed in adventures and that mine would be out there.
So when I was 15, I moved to the United States to live there for 11 month as a High School Exchange Student. Living with a wonderful host family I learned so much about the American Way of Life and even about myself.

When I came back in 07/2013 one thing was for sure: I need to see more, see the world!
In 06/2015 I will be done with school and ready for all the adventures life has in store for me. To start off, my next big journey will begin in 09/15 and once again I will live abroad.
This time it I feel the urge to see more of Europe and to improve another language as an Au Pair in Spain.

What I will experience, my thoughts and memories - read about it as you follow me around on this big journey and all my travel adventures that are yet to come.

My motto? 
"If you can dream it - you can do it!" - Walt Disney