My Life in the USA

High School Exchange 2012/2013:

Once upon a time a girl decided to find out what the American Dream and the American Way of Life really was about. She knew that there more than just Hollywood, Los Angeles and VIPs. It took a lot of work, because she needed to find the right organization, convince her parents and write an extraordinary application. But in the end she turned her dreams into plans!
 Yes, it is my story I am telling and yes, it sounds like fairy tale. But really, that is just how it felt!

Why you should be a High School Exchange Student: 

When trying to figure out how I should do it, I had the chance to talk to an Ex-Exchange student who also lived in the USA. She told me how she grew up and learned to be independent and more mature. Also, of course, she improved her English and got fluent. The girl did not live in a "popular" state like California, but in Ohio. Still, she would not change a thing and her example taught me how little important the state is you live in and how the right family can change everything. Her family became a 2nd family to her and she still has a close relationship to them. 
Besides the normal anticipation to live my dream, I took her word to heart. Afterall I really agree with what she said. In addition to what I mentioned above, I became more responsible, open-minded and as an only child I got the experience to live with a little sister. I also love my American family to death and I would not want to have it any other way.