My American Town

Where did I live?

I lived in Germantown, a beautiful village in Clinton County, Illinois with an estimated population of 1,269. When I heard I was going to live in Germantown, I first felt like someone was kidding me, because I did not expect to be chosen to live in a city called Germantown as a German. Germantown actually was established by German settlers coming from Hanover. 
Even though Germantown is small, it is calm and does not get hit by tornados too often. Also it has a lot to offer: Trivia Nights, the St. Boniface Church Picnic, Scavenger Hunts etc. Most exciting probably is the Germantown Spassfest at which people celebrate their German heiritage with traditional German food and clothes. At least they think it is German, when in reality it is Americanized or wrongly interpreted. Still the fun there, they play great live music and the mood is awesome which is what counts and it is an event nobody should miss when being around!

Cities I visited that were close, are Breese (location of my school), Aviston, Albers, Carlyle, St. Rose, etc. Shopping was really great at 134 St. Claire, Fairview Heights, IL. Before I went there I have never seen a mall like that  - a mall in which you could buy everything. To my host family and friends, it was not even a special mall. I learned that there is something even more striking called (Premium) Outlet Malls.

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